Dr.Christiaan D. Stam

Christiaan Stam

Christiaan Stam (1965) is Associate Professor (Associate Lector) at the Centre for Research in Intellectual Capital at INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences. Central themes in his work are knowledge management, intellectual capital measurement and knowledge productivity. Starting point of his activities are that the real competitive advantage of organizations lies within their intangible assets. Lack of awareness about these assets leads to underperformance. Systematic and focused attention leads to better results.

In the period 2004-2007 he carried out a Ph.D.research project in the field of knowledge productivity. This research project was a joint initiative of INHOLLAND University of Professional Education and de Baak - Management Centre of the Dutch federation of industries (VNO-NCW). In December 2007 he successfully defended his thesis at Twente University. His supervisors were Prof.dr. Joseph Kessels and Prof.dr. Daan Andriessen.

In 1999 he initiated Intellectual Capital Services, an independent research/consultancy firm in the field of knowledge management and intellectual capital measurement. During this period he initiated many intellectual capital initiatives and worked as a consultant in companies like TPG (TNT), Heijmans, SDB and CIBIT. In the period 1993-1999 he worked for De Baak - Management Centre VNO-NCW.

Christiaan likes to study: in 1988 he received his bachelor's degree in History (Teacher Training College (NLO), Hogeschool Holland Amsterdam); In 1990 he received a scholarship to study History at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy; In 1992 he received his Master's degree (Doctorandus) History (Free University Amsterdam); In 1998 he received the degree Master of Business Administration (NIMBAS/University of Bradford, UK).

Christiaan is married and has two children.