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CV Drs. Christiaan D. Stam MBA

Christiaan Stam (1965) is Research Fellow at the Centre of Applied Research in Intellectual Captal. His appointment is a joint initiative of INHOLLAND University of Professional Education and de Baak - Management Centre of the Dutch federation of industries (VNO-NCW).

In 1999 he initiated Intellectual Capital Services, an independent research/consultancy firm in the field of knowledge management and intellectual capital management. Starting point of his activities are that the real competitive advantage of organizations lies within their intangible assets. Lack of transparency of these assets leads to underperformance. Systematic and focused attention leads to better results.

The past few years (2000-2003) Christiaan was program director of the Masterclass Knowledge Management, a joint initiative of CIBIT and de Baak. As a consultant he worked for companies like TPG, Heijmans, SDB, CIBIT, de Baak.

Christiaan is an active publisher. He wrote many articles, initiated topICs, a startpage in the area of intellectual capital, he is editor of a Dutch knowledge management magazine (Intellectueel Kapitaal) and Furthermore he initiated a series of intellectual capital initiatives, like 'Strategic Navigation' (2000) and 'Knowledge Balance Sheet' (2002). The latter is a joint initiative with Nederland KennisLand.

Christiaan has a Dutch University degree in contemporary History (Free University, Amsterdam) and an English degree in Business Administration (NIMBAS/Univ. of Bradford). The focus of the latter was on knowledge productivity.

Christiaan is married and has two children.

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