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Building Communities of Practice (CoP's)

This questionnaire helps you to build your own communities of practice, communities of interest or special interest groups. The questionnaire is based on state-of-the-art literature and best-practice-experiences.

Do you plan to establish a community and would you like to have feedback about your plans, please answer the following questions and we will contact you as soon as possible.

This questionnaire can also be used to make an inventory of expectations among (potential) members of communities. In this case the outcome can be used to align your plans, discuss in your project team, convince your management, etc.

For more information about this questionnaire and building CoP's, please contact:

Christiaan Stam

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Common interest and scope

1. What is the common interest of the members of your community?

2. What are the topics you would like to deal with within your community?

3. Are there any other communities, projects, teams, networks or special interest groups that deal with the above topics?
If so, please specify:


4. What do you miss in your current work / information flow (related to the topic of your community)?
State of the art knowledge base
Insight in skills and experiences of colleagues
A place to communicate
A place to coordinate projects
A place to develop new products/services
A place to learn
Other (please specify):

5. What will be the main aim(s) of your community?
Deliver solutions for daily problems
Transfer of best-practices
Identification of experts
Stimulate collaboration between experts
Development of new knowledge
Increase knowledge level
Speed-up learning
Independence of organizational and geographic boundaries
Coordination of cross-BU/divisional activities and projects
Create synergy between BU/divisions
Other (please specify):


6. What will be the main benefit(s) for the members of your community?
Members get access to valuable information
Members get access to a large network
Members will be better experts
Members work more efficient
Members will be more productive
Members will have better exposure
Members learn permanently
Members have fun
Other (please specify):

7. In what way will your community contribute to the result of your business?
Cost reduction
Process improvement
Quality improvement
Innovation of products/services
Market development
Customer satisfaction
employee satisfaction
Other (please specify):


8. How much time are you prepared to invest in your community?
Less than 2 hours per week
Between 2 and 4 hours per week
Between 2 and 4 hours per week

9. Are you prepared to invest in the following cost factors?
Community meetings
Moderation (process facilitation)
Identity building and communication
Knowledge management system


10. How large do you think the group of potential members is?
Less than 20
Between 20 and 50
Between 50 and 100
More than 100

11. Can you identify key-members (people you certainly want to participate actively)?

12. How are you going to assure the quality of the members?
Everyone interested is invited to join
Everyone functional related to the topic is invited to join
New members have to pass a quality-test


13. How are you going to assure a constant feed of valuable information?
Through personal contributions of the members
Through active moderation
Through professional content suppliers (news, research, etc.)
Other (please specify):

14. How are you going to motivate people to contribute to your community?
Through information sessions
Through brochures
Through active management participation
Through incentives (e.g. awards, bonus points, etc.)
Through yearly assessment of participation
Other (please specify):

15. How are you going to assure the quality of the content?
Quality is personal responsibility of members
Quality is responsibility of moderator/facilitator
Quality is responsibility of board of editors
Other (please specify):


16. Which roles do you want to define for your community?
Thought leaders (senior experts)
Other (please specify):

17. What kind of activities does your community initiate
Face-to-face meetings, workshops, lectures, etc.
Online meetings, discussions, conferences, etc.
Other (please specify):


18. Does your management support your initiative?

19. Do you have funding?

20. Will you be able to mobilize people to participate actively?

21. What other necessary preconditions do you see?

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